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Enjoy our website and check out the links provided on the left side of the page. Electricity is a powerful tool...but it can also be deadly. Electrical work needs to be performed by a licensed, qualified & professional electrician who puts safety first and provides you with peace of mind. When hiring your electrical or communications contractor always choose from WIRE MONTANA! You have the absolute right to choose who your electrical contractor will be; do you let your electrician pick your carpenter?

Electricity has caused many technological changes in our homes. We use it to help us do work, run an entertainment system, and wile away our leisure hours. Life is much more comfortable and simple because of electricity. However, it is not an unmixed blessing.

The electrical power used to operate numerous appliances, lights, and tools in our homes, and the wiring used to bring the power to those devices, have brought new hazards to everyday life. Safety measures need to be ovserved whenever electricity is used.

Electricity in your home can be a servant, but it can also be a fire hazard or even a killer. It all depends on how electricity is treated and managed.

More people are killed annually by 110 volt house and office circuits than any other voltage. It takes less electicity to kill than it does to light a 10 watt light bulb.

Electrical systems, not installed to industry standards or in compliance with the National Electrical Code, are extremely hazardous to those working/living in those facilities.  If any part of the body comes into contact with a live wire or with a damaged cable from which current is leaking, the person may suffer a serious electrical shock. In wet conditions, low voltages may even be dangerous where an injury can be severe enough to cause breathing to stop, serious burns and/or death.